Video resume, Company, Jobs, Meetings, Marketing, Selection, Communication.

How to build the right profile and get the best results!


  • Video Resume (candidates)
  • Video Presentation (companies)
  • Communication (chat, video, audio)
  • Interview (virtual meeting rooms)
  • Brand awareness (marketing campaigns)

The purpose of video resumes for candidates is to put in the foreground the candidate, to discover what cannot be discovered from the old, classic resume.

For companies, we recomend to upload when they post a job, a small video material of their workplace or team.

The entire video interaction is developed to increase quality of recruiting aswell of employment. 

Studies shows that chemistry, common values and aspirations are the most effective things in a long term partnership, so, Zlinked is here to get the best results in the best way possible.

Costs are another factor that decreases the chances of finding right people, most of our competitors usually, they limit access or they dont provide full access to all the features . When you choose to become a pro member, expect to have full access of all zlinked features!

Steps Guidance:

1) On your profile page

  • EDIT-PROFILE SETTING (here you can edit your personal profile and business profile)
  • BUSINESS PROFILE (after you complete the informations add a photo or to be more outstanding add a short video of yourself)
  • PROVIDING SERVICES (here you can choose to promote any kind of services that you can offer)
  • INSIGHT (shows you statistics and relevant informations about your activity)
  • SETTING (here you can upgrade or make changes to you profile, log out)
  • COMPANY (create your company profile)
  • PROMOTED COMPANIESPOSTS (quicklook on your marketing campaigns)


2) Creating a company a job post

  • CREATE COMPANY (will give you permission to enter your company details)

On the company page you'll find : 

  • PROMOTE (create marketing campaigns)
  • EDIT (modify company details)
  • JOBS (create job posts and find the right candidates)
  • INVITE (build your network and invite people to like your company page)
  • ANALYTICS (shows you the stats on your online presence and impact)
  • MEETINGS (is the place where you can organize interviews with candidates)

In order to be impactfull and getting the best results, we encourage all companies to post jobs with video description or presentation, it will attract 50% more candidates.

Important features to consider : 

  • to communicate with other people via messaging, audio or video call.
  • follow a candidate or a company
  • becoming a pro member gives you access to all the informations about the candidates
  • pro members are also featured in the search bar, on top of other companies or candidates
  • pro members get free boosted posts
  • randomly we post outside zlinked platform and we make your company more visible

Applying for a job or select a candidate

  • In the Jobs zone, press "i" to get more information about the job and company, and if it's right for you, just press apply, your business profile will be sent to the employer.
  • In the company page, Jobs task, on each job posted you can see the candidates interested and you can connect with them in order to establish a meeting or just getting more informations about .


Any questions ? Feel free to drop us a message :

Alexandru Catalin

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