Short Description Zlinked

@ Zlinked, we develop everything following simplicity, efficiency, optimization, and by that we connect people & organizations in a complete platform that aims to maximize human interactions.


Our vision is to provide a place where people are in the foreground and highligh their personality, thinking & values. A place where companies can access and hire people, communicate freely, without limits, to get the best results.

Our mission is to connect people & organizations, in a complete platform that aims to maximize human interactions.
Zlinked aims to help organizations in the recruitment process, simplify procedures and reduce costs related to this process, but most importantly, to maximize the retention of future employees.
From the candidates' point of view, Zlinked offers a solution to increase the quality of opportunities, a method of professional stability and a much clearer image of employers.
Video calling, job offers & search, chat, or even promoted products & services or social platform.
The focus of Zlinked is to find innovative ways to make human interaction different, better, faster.
Keywords that define our platform: engagement, partnerships, opportunity, brand awarness, effciency, communication, productivity, friendly UI.


The team behind zlinked :

Alex (founder) “I`ve always believed that the man behind a resume is what really matters and direct interaction is the key to a long-term partnership. When it comes to employment, chemistry & understanding are the basics of a productive relationship solving the lack of engagement, retention problem, fluctuation”.

Ciprian (co-founder) – Marketing & Sales

Sorin (co-founder) – Human Resources Specialist

Ionut (co-founder) – Developer & Designer

Zlinked, it's about people!